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  1. Empty the powder from the package deal into the blending container. Be sure to switch EVERYTHING not leaving bits behind.

  2. Pour within the scorching water, 800ml for 1L pack, and 3L for 3.8L pack.

  3. Stir with a rod and see the answer flip from cloudy to clear. Minimise air bubbles.

  4. High up the answer to the entire quantity with room-temperature water.

  5. Stir some extra.

  6. Switch into storage containers and seal. Ideally, they need to be stuffed to the brim to minimise oxidation.

  7. Let settle down which, to play protected, can take as much as a day.

D-76 is fairly resilient – it’s onerous to go incorrect with it. Take pleasure in!

How lengthy should you wait after mixing D76?

Kodak states that the answer turns into prepared in 24 hours. The primary causes for ready is to let it stabilise, and to chill down to twenty℃ or some other temperature you might be creating your movie at. Many have reportedly obtained first rate outcomes creating merely hours after mixing. Relying on how protected you need to play, this course of can technically vary from a couple of hours to a day.

D-76 is historically recognized to be a developer that’s comparatively chemically secure within the scheme of issues. Scanning via the threads of boards will let you know you could technically use it proper after mixing it so long as the answer is sufficiently cool.

That stated, it may well take fairly a while for the inventory to chill down utterly. Relying on the place you might be and the season you might be in, it may well take painfully lengthy to get the inventory to chill down to twenty℃.

In case this isn’t apparent, do NOT try to hurry up the cooling course of utilizing an ice bathtub. It will be important that it dissipates warmth naturally.

There isn’t any purpose why I’d rush this course of.

For the way lengthy does D76 developer final?

D76 is sweet for six months if saved full-bottle at full energy, and a couple of months if saved half-full. Diluted options are solely good for creating as soon as, whereas inventory options might be reused. 1 Litre of D76 is able to creating 4 rolls of movie at full energy, 8 rolls at 1:1 dilution, and so forth. The place replenished, 1 Litre of D76 can final you 30 rolls of 135-36/120.

Check with Kodak’s official knowledge sheet right here.

What number of occasions are you able to reuse D76 developer?

At inventory focus, D76 might be reused. If diluted at 1:1, 1:3 or 1:5, it’s can’t be reused. The overall rule is that you just add 10% to the event time per reuse. This could technically go on till the shelf lifetime of 6 months runs out. However the growth time can quickly grow to be too lengthy to be sensible. It’s typically understood to be a danger not price taking because it results in inconsistent outcomes.

In line with Kodak’s printed knowledge sheet on D76, if customers are to make use of it at 1:1 dilution (or increased), they’re suggested to ‘dilute it simply earlier than you employ it, and discard it after processing one batch of movie. Don’t reuse or replenish this answer.’.

It’s subsequently very clear that D76, as soon as diluted, is NOT designed for a number of use.

If you actually need to reuse D76, it’s both one of many two methods: 1) compensate with longer growth occasions, or 2) add a replenisher.

It isn’t advisable to make use of the developer straight with out doing any changes, though some have reported success in so doing. As defined by Ansel Adams in ‘The Damaging’, the developer loses energy after use. Bromides accumulate within the answer as a by-product of the chemical reactions.

Extra on replenishment

Within the knowledge sheet, Kodak offers detailed directions for mixing the replenished answer utilizing the native replenisher D-76R. There are actually different replenishers available on the market which you should use, topic to the producer’s directions.

Kodak stipulates that the replenished answer is sweet for 4 weeks. So you start by estimating how a lot growth you can be doing within the span of a month. You then combine D76 with D76R on the ratio of 5:1 to make the quantity of answer you want.

This replenished answer lets you develop your rolls at regular growth occasions. 1 Litre of the replenished answer is ready to develop 36 rolls of 135-36/ 120/ 8×10 sheets, 48 rolls of 146-24, and 144 4×5 sheets.

The answer must be discarded after the above capability has been exhausted.

The primary execs of replenishing D76 is for economical causes, which is generally related the place tank growth is worried in labs.

One other argument, which in my view is extra distant, is that for lengthy growth occasions, the existence of silver within the answer attributable to earlier use would additionally adhere to the movie. Some might discover the elevated density beneficial for scanning.

Causes to not use replenishment embrace a disproportionate improve in complication with economical advantages, and the introduction of higher inconsistency.

Extra on prolonged growth

Nowhere did Kodak present official info in relation to instantly reusing D76 inventory. Many have gone with the rule of thumb of a ten% increment in growth time per reuse.

It’d work, as a matter of reality, and also you would possibly get first rate negatives following the rule.

However in my view, it doesn’t fairly make sense for any photographer trying to make critical work to go together with this strategy.

You’re successfully altering the dilution and growth occasions for each roll. This alters the look of your negatives, which might be detrimental if you happen to do that for a dwelling – you must hold your work constant.

Equally talked about above, D76 just isn’t that costly and subsequently the cons might properly outweigh the professionals with this strategy.

How do I dilute my D76?

Retailer it at inventory focus and solely dilute it when you find yourself about to develop movie. Kodak largely advises 1:1 dilution, although utilizing D76 at 1:3 and 1:5 dilutions are frequent. You merely mix 1 half D76 with 3 components water to get a 1:3 dilution, or 5 components water to get a 1:5 dilution. The overall quantity can be 300ml per roll of 135 movie, 600ml per roll of 120.

Learn how to know if combined D-76 has expired?

In case your D76 appears to be like yellow, it has almost definitely gone unhealthy. However it may well generally expire with out turning yellow. Kodak advises that D76 is sweet for six months if saved full-bottle, 2 months if half-bottle. Alternatively, you should use a movie management strip, or a cut-out movie chief if on funds, to check the effectiveness of the answer unsure.

D76 is a transparent answer that may nonetheless stay clear after expiry, so it may be onerous to inform just by observing its color.

Personally I’d not take the danger if the effectiveness of a developer is in query as I dwell on the work I produce, although that is seldom a problem as a result of on the price I shoot, I take advantage of up the answer earlier than 6 months.

Until the photographs in your roll completely doesn’t matter. Or else, it can price you extra to lose these pictures than to purchase a brand new pack do D76 and even convey it to a lab.

If for some purpose you actually need to take a look at the effectiveness of aged D76, buy a field of movie management strips. Kodak produces them, so does Ilford. These are pre-exposed movie strips designed for testing developer strengths.

Alternatively, many have prompt that chopping off a movie chief as a take a look at strip additionally works. The chief ought to flip black within the developer inside a the event time you propose to go together with.

Is D76 a one shot developer?

D76 is one-shot if used diluted, something from 1:1 to 1:3 and upwards. As really helpful by Kodak, the diluted answer must be discarded after one growth.


On this article, we talked about:

  • Learn how to combine D76;

  • How lengthy should one wait after mixing D76;

  • How lengthy D76 lasts;

  • What number of occasions can D76 be reused;

  • Learn how to dilute D76;

  • Learn how to know if D76 has expired; and

  • If D76 is a one-shot developer.

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